New car sales fell last month by 97.3%. This compared with the same time last year. Contributing Factors impacting the registrations of new cars sales include the closure of Franchised Dealers.

The impact of lockdown announced in March resulted in the New Car Dealers having time close the doors. This effected both to new orders, and also consumers and companies wishing to collect cars that had been ordered.

The supply chain has also been impacted by closures. Because Manufacturers, both in the Uk and abroad, are not able to build vehicles and logistics companies unable to deliver to the showrooms.

When we asked about the potential impact, a London based New Car dealer said, “Obviously it is very concerning to see the figures for April. However, it was very much expected. We haven’t been able to deliver vehicles that have customers waiting for.

Further more, our allocation of vehicles will be reduced by around 60% for the balance of 2020 due to lack of production.” He then added “ As and when we return to normal working we will have a shortage of New Cars. We will be relying on the Nearly New Car to keep us going.”

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