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Last year – 2020 was an especially challenging year for many small businesses, with some sectors struggling due to lockdown and closures. However, A surge towards greater online purchasing lead to greater success for others. What appears to be certain is that buyers shopping habits have changed.

Change and Adapt or Die

In this new consumer environment customers are more willing to purchase even high value goods online. Offering the convenience of home delivery they can track the best deal across the whole country and secure online. Consumers are spending more time online researching the products they want, giving them a greater level of knowledge of every aspect of their potential purchase.

Many of you will have heard about Pivoting Your Business, but what exactly does that mean? A Pivot is to look at what you currently do, re-evaluate this inline with consumer trends and then adapt / change. An example of this would be to improve your web offer by making it easier to do business with you. Also, by giving customers a greater level of confidence in your company by showing and promoting reviews from trusted sources such as Google.

Physical Shop to Online

It is no secret that customers do much of th research about products or services they buy online. if you still do not have a web presence your potential customers may research elsewhere and you may be losing valuable business.