Why Start Your Own Business

The reasons for starting a business are as varied as the type of small businesses that exist, it maybe that you have experience in a certain trade and would like to build something for yourself.

Your Passions

You may have a passion or hobby that you would like to make your job, you may want to get away from the 9-5 routine and spend more time with your family, or maybe you have been made redundant from your job and are looking at what to do next.

Starting your own business gives you independence and freedom of working as much or as little as you want.

Is a Startup Right For You

Running your own business brings it’s own pressures and stress, financially and may sometimes be exhausting, you are the key person and if the business lives or dies is entirely your responsibility.
Some of the essential qualities you will require are; Self Motived, Well Balanced, Hard Working, Flexible and Diligent.

I hope to give you some tools and some ideas on how to get through the start up and establish a business that can prosper and provide growth.

Your Experience Matters

The initial success of your business will be  greatly improved if you have experience in the field and contacts who may be able to help you gain momentum. 

Your initial few months may otherwise be spent building contacts. 

Do The Essentials In Advance

Make sure to do the groundwork with suppliers in advance, you do not want to spend your valuable time and energy at launch on trying to get supply sorted.

Name Your Business

Get this one thing right from the start and you will be able to gain traction really quickly.

Remember to keep it short enough to remember and be descriptive enough that it is Search engine friendly.

A clever sounding, really cool name may sound great, but if you decide to call your T-shirt business “Cucumber”, how many times will people search for cucumbers and find t-shirts, “Cucumber Cool Shirts” however does what it says on the tin.

Your Business Plan

You would never start a journey in your car without knowing where your going, and how you are going to get there, the same goes for startups too. Ensure you know what you are trying to get to and the steps you need to take to ensure that you are on track to your destination.

Have you enough resources both financially and time to be able to trade for the first months.

Legal Stuff

Get name company name registered and other variations .com, .net etc, register ltd company get the company formed, accountant arranged and any licenses etc. all taken care of in advance, so you are able to focus your energy on bringing in Business.

Branding Your Business

Appropriate for the business, look at Branding and logo, ensure it is in keeping with the image you wish to project of the business not only now but also in the future. Use something like Fiverr for great value logo design and branding – you have the ability to see the individuals previous work, freelancers have attached feedback ratings- ensure you use someone with not only great scores 5/5, but also high volume of feedback.

Know Your Market

Define clearly who you target market is, mainly local, regional or national, consumers or Businesses, are they female or male, what do the read, are they web or social media people, 

Transacting Business

How would your customers usually transact at the point of order, Ie most people will go to the web to order a curry, not visit Facebook or instagram, however it is important to have awareness on both Facebook and Instagram as this will re-inforce your brand.

Your USP

What is your unique selling point, what are you going to pin your hat on as the one thing that differentiates you from other companies in the same sector as you. How can you communicate this to your customers and will they see an added value as a result.

Planned Activities

Have a detailed plan of what you are going to do, for example :

Where to Launch

Will you Launch of your company at a trade or local business show. If so do you have the ability to contact the other exhibitors in advance and invite them to come and say hello.

Get Known

Are there business clubs or breakfast networking clubs that would be relevant to your business.

If your market is consumer products or serviced, will you Launch Your business at a local fair – will you use local advertising, use leaflets or mainly web and social media.

A social media count down to the launch may help get you running quickly, use Facebook and/ or Instagram to create awareness of the launch event.

Plan events that you will attend for the first six months, what physical presence will you have available ie stand, signage, brochures, how will you staff, what will staff be wearing – suits, jeans and company branded polo shirts… Plan in detail and book in advance 

Will you have an initial offer to gain momentum and build orders, 

Your Website

Once you have decided on the company web address, you then need to decide on the sort of website you will need.

Will you need a Website or an E-commerce site which you sell products directly from and take online orders.

What features will you require; 

Live Chat 24/7

Online Booking

Comparisons between products or services.

Will you Design and Build yourself or hire a freelancer/ design company.

Content is king, you are the expert in your field, ensure you are constantly posting content and progress, Content is one of the main drivers of Search Engine Optimisation, ensure you have a site that you can post to yourself and update without having to get a designer to change.

Newdletters Opt-in your site should offer a reason for people to subscribe to your site and receive your newsletter.

Websites that are updated on a regular basis with relevant content will rank higher on search engines.

Now the pre launch is complete and it’s time to focus all your energy or finding customers.

I hope to give you some tools and some ideas on how to get through the start up and establish a business that can prosper and provide growth.

Thanks for reading, all the best.


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