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Creating a Website For Your Business

Creating a website for your business has never been easier or less expensive.
If your business does not a have a professional looking website to showcase your products or services, to keep your customers updated and build loyalty and to allow you to look after your customers, you will find customers will look else where.

With the changes in how people are shopping now, traditional businesses will find it hard to survive, many have taken the decision to go from being Solely a Bricks and Mortar Business and have added an element of online to complement.

Examples of Why You Need A Website

A cycle retailer in London who sells and services bikes for mainly a local community was finding times hard. Because he had lost deals online, he added an online shop with a chat facility.

He designed and built the website with e-Commerce facility himself. The cost of hosting for one year at less than one high end bike. This resulted in an increase in the sale of Bicycles by over 400% in a six month period.

If you have been thinking about building a website, now is a great time to make a start. Don’t worry if you haven’t had any experience, or that you are not a website developer, all you need is a computer and your can build a Professional looking site with an hour.

Now is the Time to Get Online

There are a number of very good Website & Hosting companies that cost very little and make the job very easy. The best options include WordPress which is the choice for over 30% o the world’s websites, it is also has the ability to scale up as your business grows.

Another great option for the smaller business is Wix, while it is not as scalable as a WordPress site hosted by a host such as WP Engine, it is ideal if you are looking for a great looking website that you can build in under 1 HOUR.

WordPress Cost – You can get up and running with a WordPress site without any charge, for £0.00, great value, however your site will be limited and have a WordPress branding and WordPress will place advertisements with the site.

For only £20.00 per month (Payable Yearly in Advance) you should opt to upgrade to a Non Advertising site With someone like WP Engine you will get more functionality and a huge amount of bandwidth.

Check Out The Video under for more information

WP Engine - Get 3 months free on annual plans

In terms of Business Websites, WordPress websites WP Engine is the go to provider of website and hosting and is completely scalable as your business grows with a huge choice of themes and additional resources.

Incredibly Easy to Use WIX Website Creator

Created using WIX using ADI tool in under 20 minutes

Wix - This is a website host that offers the easiest way to getting an amazing looking site, without any website design experience. You really can build a great site in Under an Hour.

Why is WIX so Easy ? With the Wix website builder, sign in and it will ask questions to help understand, then you will be asked - Would you like to use ADI or a Template - Choose ADI, then choose a theme and WIX will do some kind of Magic and comes back with a stunning site, all you have to do is fill in the text. Click the following to see a FREE WIX site built using the ADI in under 20 minutes,

Great Features that can really boost your business, include the Bookings options, Online Appointments and best of all a Live Chat Facility - it is worth going with WIX for this feature alone.

Wix Costs - from Free, , however, I strongly recommend upgrading to either the Combo at £6.00 per month or an Unlimited Plan at £8.50 per month. Either removes the Wix advertising and comes with the Domain Name which is Free for the first year. The Unlimited has unlimited bandwidth, allows you 1 hour of Video, and also comes with £75.00 Ad voucher, a Site Booster App and Visitor Analytics which are really useful.

Another Great benefit of Wix you do not have to pay yearly in advance... you are able to choose a plan an payment method that suits you best.

I really can put a Wix site together in under half an hour- but try yourself -click here to get started building your own site



It really depends on what you need from your website, if you have a small Shop, Florist or a Restaurant then WIX is a great option, incredibly easy to build and very low cost with a great looking site and some really useful plugins that can really Help boost your business.

WP Engine & StudioPress

With WP Engine & StudioPress, you can build remarkable website experiences with the agility, performance, and intelligence that the market demands so you can drive your business forward, faster. WP Engine serves 90k customers in over 140+ countries with a support team of over 200. We have won multiple Stevie Awards with an NPS of 86.

The WP Engine Difference.

WordPress is a great CMS that makes it easy to get started and run a content-driven business. However, managing the infrastructure to support WordPress requires a level of expertise not often found in house. That’s where WP Engine comes in. WP Engine offers a fully managed service that is geared towards WordPress sites, meaning you can focus on running your business, not being a server admin. Gain the peace of mind that comes with a site that’s up and running smoothly, securely, and lightning fast as traffic volumes fluctuate. 

Every plan comes with free SSL, CDN and daily automatic backups. WP Engine locks down your site with managed WordPress updates, vulnerability scanning, 2FA, DDoS mitigation, automatic threat detection and blocking.

The 60-day money-back guarantee gives you plenty of time to sample its features.

WP Engine - Get 3 months free on annual plans

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