Avoid this marketing mistake

Take a few minutes to ensure you avoid this marketing mistake that will alienate your customers and prospects. Take extra time to consider what you send to each and every customer.

My Recent Experience – Avoid This Marketing Mistake

Returning home tonight, I opened the door to find a Very Glossy brochure / Envelope. Address to me with the Words “ Your Specially Selected VIP Gift – Worth £21.00”.

Great, I often buy Cologne, Aftershave Balm and Shower Gel from this well known company. Surely, they have a New Fragrance and want me to be the first to get it.

Maybe they are sending me a gift as I have remained loyal for so long. I put the envelope down by my chair, make a drink, take my shoes off and relax to enjoy the moment of delight.

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Thoughts run through my head of Christmas, and of the present from the in-laws, who knowing I love this brand, thoughtfully bought a bottle of shampoo. Not realising it was shampoo not Shower Gel.

If I didn’t have a shaved head down to a No 1, this would have been a perfect gift. Anyway, I smiled and said thank you to the in-laws, maybe one day I will get a hair transplant.

No a highly reputable brand like this wouldn’t make that sort of error. From my purchase record they will see I spend quite a sum of various products, but never shampoo.

So, full of anticipation I open the glossy Folded and Sealed Envelope along the tear lines….

A Gift – Specially for Me

My free – “Specially Selected for ME – VIP Customer Gift” is a little white pouch with yellow accents, containing a 5ml Over Night Face Reset, a 14 ml Cleansing Cream and 4ml of Moisturiser….. But only if I spend over £50 on an Overnight Face Mask.

How can a Quality brand get it so wrong? The company concerned have my details as printed on envelope, and my purchase history of buying matching male shower gel and after shave – what is that made them think this was appropriate for me!

How Does Your Marketing Measure Up ?

Think about everything you send and the relevance, as this is one of those moments that made me think about the value of brand loyalty. Albeit I appreciate this may be an offer I could pass on to a loved one, or maybe, they have guessed that my life is more exciting at weekends than it actually is. Either way

There is no excuse for any business to make this easily avoidable marketing mistake. Every customer interaction should be relevant to the target audience to ensure the user feels valued and recognised. Marketing, be it email or direct mail should be targeted and specific, there is no excuse for scattergun marketing in this day and age.

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